HR tech news this week: July 26-30

How many organizations are truly future-ready? Although the world is future-focused, few organizations have truly prepared their business operations for that future, a new report shows. In fact, a global survey by Accenture shows just how few organizations have reached the most sophisticated level of readiness. Read more.

The pay gap persists: Why people analytics is more important than ever: Organizations around the world are strategizing for the post-pandemic workplace by pressing the reset button–revamping hiring practices, approaches to flex work, organizational culture and more for a new world. It’s also a prime opportunity to examine inequities in pay, experts say. Read more.

How HCM insights can help you emerge stronger after the pandemic: The past nearly 18 months have delivered challenges that HR leaders are still sorting out–and no doubt will be for many months to come. Mainly, HR executives have had to repeatedly shift priorities: from safety and return-to-workplaces to redeploying and reskilling talent, DE&I, employee experience and the future of work. A session at the upcoming Oracle users conference will explore those topics and more. Read more.

Boese: How HR tech is responding to the new emphasis on skills: Most organizations are facing similar challenges in the second half of 2021. Of course, emerging from the pandemic, navigating employee safety and wellbeing and managing new ways of working are likely still primary. But a second set of HR challenges is receiving significant attention. These are some of the talent challenges that were, pre-pandemic, at the front of the HR agenda. Read more.

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