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HR Tech Conference 2021: Maximizing tech for remote onboarding

Steve Boese, HR Tech Conference chair
Steve Boese
Steve Boese is HRE's Inside HR Tech columnist and chair of HRE’s HR Technology Conference®. He also writes a blog and hosts the HR Happy Hour Show, a radio program and podcast.

Last March, organizations of all sizes and industries faced an unprecedented challenge: a sudden and complex pivot to a fully remote workforce and operating model. This pivot was often executed by HR and IT groups in a matter of days. The CHRO of a large HR technology provider recently told me that their workforce, consisting of several thousand employees, made the transition to remote work in less than a week. And numerous other organizations, perhaps yours as well, navigated these changes in similar and rapid fashion.

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Of course, this shift to full or nearly full remote working situations necessitated modifications to many HR and talent processes that had typically been conducted in person, in physical workplaces, including interviewing job candidates and making hiring decisions. But many of the technologies that support remote-based hiring, such as video interviewing, had already been in place in many organizations for some time, so that shift was, generally speaking, handled very well in plenty of cases.

But what about the next steps post-hire, like onboarding? Onboarding had long been seen as an opportunity to carry out important procedures, to gather data, and importantly, to offer touchpoints that help acclimate new hires to the organization. Making the complex process of onboarding effective and compliant in a fully remote model presented a new series of problems to solve for HR, IT and business leaders–but it was one that had to be addressed.

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As many organizations are continuing to operate in a largely remote manner, the capability for remote onboarding remains critical for HR this year and beyond. That’s why, at HR Tech this fall, we thought it would be enlightening to showcase an example of a successful remote onboarding process, enabled and supported by HR technology. In a session titled The Amazing Race, Remote Onboarding Edition: HR Tech Tools That Meet Today’s Needs, we’ll hear from leaders from Equifax, representing the technology that can power remote onboarding; Northwestern Mutual and Accountable Healthcare Staffing, for the employer/hiring organization point of view; the Department of Homeland Security, contributing the compliance perspective; and H3 HR Advisors, for the industry insights. The session will feature live-action, multimedia examples of remote onboarding and will be peppered with lively discussion.

What you will see is how, with the right technology in place, a new hire can virtually “race” through many of the key steps of remote onboarding. The panel of HR and HR technology experts will share insights on the evolving technology needs necessitated by remote hiring, along with the latest technology solutions to help you effectively onboard in a remote model. The session will highlight the benefits that HR tech can bring to the remote-onboarding process–just one of many areas where HR technology is reacting to support the fast-changing landscape.

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