HR Tech 2019: Accenture elevates the recruiter’s role with AI

It’s predicted that technology will improve, change or even replace many of the tasks recruiters are currently performing all over the world, with 50% of recruiting activity to be automated in the next three to five years.

In a session at HR Tech titled “Elevating the Role of a Recruiter With Artificial Intelligence,” Tracy Patterson, managing director for HR Services & Transformation in North America and Europe at Accenture, said tomorrow’s recruiters will have the opportunity to spend more time with candidates and hiring managers, but only if their organizations adopt the necessary technology to free them up to do so.

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Indeed, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools like predictive analytics, virtual assistance, digital screening, gamification and intelligent networking are already being used to improve processes and get recruiters back to what they’re best at: recruiting.

“Recruiters are able to spend their time on the most important things,” Patterson said, “like selling candidates on why that job is important and how the offer is competitive within the industry.”

Patterson says this is now happening at Accenture, which recently adopted an approach it calls “human+recruiter” that embraces “human and machine collaboration to elevate the role of the recruiter to be a talent coach and advisor.”

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Accenture’s new approach yielded a 94% satisfaction through the pilot period and greatly reduced the amount of time recruiters spend on administrative tasks.

And while there are numerous bottom-line reasons to pursue a “human+ recruiter” approach, Patterson said, it will be up to HR leaders to drive adoption of any AI-based project.
“It’s going to be your job to bring the entire organization along on this journey,” she said.
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