HRE number of the day: remote work after COVID-19

77%: Percentage of employees who want to continue working from home

Source: Global Workplace Analytics survey

More than three-quarters of the workforce wants to continue working from home at least weekly even after stay-at-home orders are lifted, findings from the Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey reveal. That’s a 132 percent increase over those who wanted to work from home before coronavirus.

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Office space needs, workplace design and remote work policies and practices are just a few of the areas that will need careful review in coming months.

“One of the big questions we wanted the survey to answer was what the long-term impact the crisis would have on the future of the office,” says Dr. Anita Kamouri, co-founder of Iometrics and one of the researchers who fielded the survey. “Based on what we’re seeing, if employees get their way, they’ll be spending three days a week at the office and two at home.”

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Other items of note for HR leaders from the study: Distractions and interruptions are significantly fewer at home (73 minutes per day in the office vs. 35 minutes a day at home); only 6% of those surveyed would not want work at home in the future; and when working alone, employees say they are productive 75% of the time at home vs. 63% at the office.

For more on the survey, which is still open, click here.

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