HR Tech Number of the Day: Nations represented

125: The number of countries represented among the thousands planning to attend the virtual HR Tech Conference

It’s probably no surprise that a majority of those attending this week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition will be joining the virtual conference from the United States.

Or even, perhaps, that Canada, India, the United Kingdom and Singapore round out the top five.

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But thanks to the fact that the event is virtual, free and features some of the smartest, most innovative and compelling keynote speakers, technology solutions, sponsored sessions and other content in the HR tech industry, a record number of attendees have signed up to participate from nations around the globe.

When the event is held in person, about 40-45 nations typically are represented. This year, residents of at least 125 nations plan to attend.

After Singapore, the top five aren’t too surprising: Japan, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

Others in the top 50 include United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Niger, Chile, Russia and Lebanon. But all corners of the globe appear to be represented: Fiji, Cote D’Ivoire, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, even Malta, Kuwait, Qatar and the tiny island Republic of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, which was part of the United States until it gained sovereignty in 1994.

What it means for HR leaders

The role of human resources and related HR technology has only grown this year, as the pandemic forced workers all over the world to adjust to remote work, new tools, managing through video calls and learning from the relative comfort–or discomfort–of their homes.

Leaders, practitioners, vendors and others all are looking for answers and guidance for this unprecedented time.


Register here for the free, virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, which runs Oct. 27-30.

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