HR Tech Number of the Day: education investments

$44 million: The amount Verizon is investing in workforce development to increase access to a free, tech-focused career training program aimed at reskilling Americans.

Verizon and Generation, a nonprofit that works to improve continuing education, are partnering on a multi-year plan aimed at expanding access to digital skills.

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Verizon is committing more than $44 million to help increase access to a free, technology-focused career training programs to help reskill workers. Part of the funding will be used to expand the reach of Generation’s workforce development operation, while the remainder will support JFF, a national nonprofit driving transformation in the American workforce and education systems, particularly to drive program impact and evaluation.

What it means for HR

The role of HR tech in supporting agile workforces has being illuminated as the COVID-19 pandemic changes the workplace.

As technology evolves and assumes a greater role in workplace tasks, HR has discovered that many employees are not equipped to handle 21st-century responsibilities, such as programming robots to stock shelves or manage inventory. To succeed in the digital era, HR professionals are transforming the learning and work experience.

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Employers like ELI, Postmates and Nationwide have been investing in continued education for their workforce, as advancements in technology, the speed of change, competitive forces and the resulting impact of automation are requiring employees to expand their knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the workforce.

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“Cutting-edge technology will continue to change how we work and how society operates, and we are committed to ensuring that all communities have the opportunity they need to help advance their skills, their education and their chance for economic prosperity,” said Rose Stuckey Kirk, chief corporate social responsibility officer at Verizon, of the company’s partnership investment.

“Partnering with Generation enables us to bring their successful career training program into the homes of thousands of Americans who need it most and who it might not traditionally be available to,” she added.

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