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Date & Time: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 12:00 pm ET


Cathy Cotins, Founder & CEO of Thrive Advisors

Rejoyce Owusu, Vice President of Human Resources at AceUp

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For many of us, 2021 began with a sense of optimism as the vaccine was approved and then rolled out. Yet, the virus had more in store for us as new variants again paused burgeoning plans.

Fast-forwarding to 2022, returning to close quarters at companies with toxic cultures, poor leadership, and a lack of belonging, employees began to, understandably, resign in droves. In many ways, we have watched the tables turn as employees prioritized autonomy over their lives and their careers in never-seen-before numbers.

Yet, amid all of the ongoing fear and uncertainty, we also see many examples of organizations going above and beyond for their employees, customers, and communities. Join AceUp as they shed light on coaching trends and how many organizations are now finding it necessary to rethink how to care for their employees, as they continue to face serious issues of employee retention, engagement, and burnout.

The future brings new opportunities and new challenges, without a doubt, and the best way to tackle them is to prepare for them now.

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