The Power of Workplace Wellbeing: Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Build a More Human Workplace

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Date & Time: Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 2:00PM ET


Jen Fisher, Human Sustainability Leader, Deloitte

Andrea Oswald, Senior Strategic Advisor, Workhuman

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Burnout is an increasingly widespread issue in today’s workforce, which means it’s more important than ever for organizations to reevaluate company culture and make employees’ mental and physical wellbeing a priority.

In this fireside chat, Jen Fisher, Human Sustainability Leader at Deloitte, will share unique perspectives from her personal experience with life-altering burnout in a high-level leadership position, along with valuable insights on how creating balance and prioritizing wellbeing can lead to a new sense of purpose and connection to work.

This session will provide:

– Insights into the impact of burnout on organizations and employees, and how leaders can learn to recognize the signs.

– Why offering wellness benefits isn’t the same as supporting every dimension of employee wellbeing, and how strategic recognition makes all the difference.

– Ways to support employees and shield against burnout with ongoing wellbeing initiatives.

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