Remote work during coronavirus

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Allowing–and even obligating–employees to work remotely and not come into the office has been one of the most encouraged benefits to date in the wake of coronavirus. That’s because social distancing and isolation are being encouraged to “flatten the curve” and reduce the number of COVID-19 cases around the country. Research finds that some Americans are afflicted but asymptomatic, carrying the virus unknowingly yet still going to work, infecting others as a result.

“In the right industry, working from home is crucial,” Gimbel says. “Grocery stores and hospitals need to stay open, and working from home is not an option for them. For industries that can work from home, it’s a must. It is the right thing to do not only for your employees, but for the health of Americans.”

While government mandates have now made remote work the rule, not the exception, employers including Amazon, Facebook and Twitter were some of the first to tell workers who can to work from home from the indefinite future.

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