HRE’s Number of the Day: Technology support

33%: Percentage of surveyed employees who say difficulty accessing necessary tools and resources is the top factor hurting their productivity during the pandemic

The challenges of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic have been well-enumerated–from juggling childcare to potential burnout–and a new survey highlights the added burden of technology obstacles.

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What it means for HR leaders

In Globant’s report, the authors note that, “If employees are overworked or struggling to maintain focus, technology may help improve their efficiency and accuracy.” And according to the survey, employees are facing those challenges.

More than two-thirds said it has been harder to maintain a work/life balance while working remotely during the pandemic. The top factor affecting output was increased distraction due to working in a home environment, followed by difficulty communicating with colleagues.

In light of that, companies that are considering extending or making remote work permanent should consider the multifaceted support employees will need, the authors write.

“Using technology to increase efficiency and augment human work, fostering employee connections to build a stronger culture and encouraging a flexible work environment by focusing on results are all key pieces of the puzzle.”

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Jen Colletta
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