HR tech news this week: Nov. 1-5

How AI and HR tech are taking on DE&I and inherent biases: A new breed of diversity, equity and inclusion tools are addressing bias and inequities that persist in today’s workplace. These solutions aim to make a modern organization more fair but using them may involve brutal self-reflection and a willingness to admit that your company is far from the equitable places you once thought it was. Read more here.

Biden’s vaccine mandate rule is released: What HR needs to know now: With the Jan. 4, 2022 deadline, employers won’t have much time to implement their plans. For starters, employers with more than 100 employees will need to implement a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for their employees–and offer a weekly testing alternative to those who refuse or are unable to receive a vaccine, according to an emergency temporary standard issued by OSHA. Here are tips on where to start. Read more here.

10 things Microsoft has learned about successful hybrid work: While the pandemic is still redefining what hybrid looks like, the computing giant’s HR team is already capitalizing on lessons learned. Amy Coleman, corporate vice president, HR and corporate functions at Microsoft, came up with 25 learnings that the global organization already has gleaned from the shift to remote and hybrid work and here are the Top 10. Read more here.

Why ‘culture through Zoom’ wasn’t a barrier for this tech company: When Edward Greene started as chief human resources officer for Iron Mountain less than a year ago, he had an interesting set of challenges. Not only did he have to become acclimated to his new position during a pandemic, but he also moved from a company of 10,000 employees to one with 24,000 workers, spread out over 53 countries. His primary mission quickly became helping to enhance the storage and information management services company’s corporate culture, primarily over Zoom. Read more here.

3 questions to ask before you pivot to virtual hiring events: Since the pandemic started, many organizations have relied on virtual hiring events, using full-scale events platforms that incorporate event planning, employer branding, recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, analytics and more–not just video interviewing. It’s a shift that has led to a “huge uptick” in the investment in talent acquisition technology. Read more here.

HR tech number of the week: virtual meetings: If you think you’re drowning in Zoom meetings, you’re not alone. According to a trend report conducted by meeting assistant solution provider Reclaim.Ai, the average professional is now spending an additional 6.7 hours in meetings each week, or 65% of their entire workweek. This is a jump from 26.3 hours in February 2020 to 32.9 hours in October 2021. Read more here.

Phil Albinus
Phil Albinus is the former HR Tech Editor for HRE. He has been covering personal and business technology for 25 years and has served as editor and executive editor for a number of financial services, trading technology and employee benefits titles. He is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and lives in the Hudson Valley with his audiologist wife and three adult children.