Here’s Why Talent Retention is a Major Priority for HR

A new survey finds that retention is top of mind among many HR practitioners.
By: | July 26, 2019 • 2 min read
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It’s clear from at least one survey that HR professionals are more concerned with retention than talent acquisition.

A recent pulse survey conducted by the Next Concept HR Association of its members (from organizations of all sizes) found that 80% agreed with the following statement: “My organization would run more smoothly and productively if we could find a way to hold on to our best workers.” By way of contrast, only 48% of participants agreed with this statement: “My organization could grow faster if we could only hire more quickly.”


“Talent acquisition has long been a top priority for companies in many growth industries like technology, and in areas like the San Francisco Bay Area,” says Greg Morton, CEO of NCHRA. Many organizations feel they have to recruit constantly in order to ensure they have a steady supply of talent to handle an increasing volume of work, he says. “But the perpetual search for new talent often leads to a revolving door effect in which new hires aren’t fully utilized, and existing employees don’t feel truly valued. Interestingly, the HR practitioners who participated in this pulse seemed to be more interested in talent retention than in merely hiring for the sake of rapid growth.”