Here’s Where Josh Bersin Thinks HR Tech is Headed

There are many solid reasons to be in Las Vegas for this year’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition, and one that will certainly deliver tangible value is the chance to hear what HR technology thought leader Josh Bersin has to say about the state of HR and technology.

In his Oct. 2 keynote, Making Sense of It All: How Technology Is Shaping the New HR Agenda, Bersin–an analyst, author and educator focused on the global talent market–will explore ways technology continues to dramatically shape and create new priorities for HR.

One topic Bersin will highlight, for example, is the merging of workforce and HR systems. He explains that there is an ongoing massive transition in the HR-tech market, away from core systems towards experience-based applications.

“HR buyers are looking at a new generation of vendors, which offer more consumer-like, less business-like platforms,” Bersin says.

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“Tools like those and more are becoming platforms for HR applications,” he says. “People don’t want 15 different systems to log into any more. They want technology delivered in an integrated way, through these productivity tools.”

Bersin’s talk will certainly address AI, primarily how it has moved from theory to being the real thing embedded into HR’s processes, and he will offer several specific ways in which AI is delivering the most impact on the HR front.

Another topic Bersin will cover centers on workforce wellbeing as a core part of HR, particularly the role tech will play as employers strive to make work healthier, more productive and purposeful, and generally better for people.

“This has quickly become an emerging focus for HR, taking it to another level in terms of employee engagement and creating a culture that makes people want to stay,” Bersin says. “I will discuss technology that can help HR leaders get ahead of that trend.”

Switching hats, Bersin also will provide insights on what vendors are hot, the ones fading from market leadership and how best to interpret a market that changes almost daily. As a bonus, every HR Tech Conference Premium Pass holder will receive a free copy of Bersin’s 2020 HR Technology Market Report–a $1,495.00 value.

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Josh Bersin’s keynote, “Making Sense of It All: How Technology Is Shaping the New HR Agenda” (session #GS2) will take place from 8:30-9:45 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019.



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Tom Starner
Tom Starner is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia who has been covering the human resource space and all of its component processes for over two decades. He can be reached at [email protected].