Boosting Employee Retention by Creating Better Workplace Experiences


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Date & Time: Wednesday, August 21, 2024 at 12:00 pm ET


Mervyn Dinnen, HR & Talent Trends Analyst, Two Heads Consulting



In a business landscape dominated by talent shortages, skills-based hiring challenges, technology and AI, and the never-ending debate over locational flexibility, we need to shift our focus if we want to retain the talent we need. Our people are yearning for more humanity, authentic experiences, and deeper engagement

In this session, analyst, author and podcast host Mervyn Dinnen will talk about why retention is the new recruitment, and how you can support and empower your workforce to achieve their best work by providing them with access to essential skills and knowledge. He will share some of the latest research and insights about the moments that matter to our people, and how to support their wellbeing whilst creating the personalised, meaningful work experiences that boost retention.

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