Are Slow Hiring Decisions Dragging You Down?

New research finds decisive hiring managers are essential to scoring top talent.
By: | July 15, 2019 • 2 min read

Today’s talent market has employers pulling out all the stops to compete for workers— such as ramping up benefits, focusing on the employee experience and easing qualifications—but all of those efforts may be for naught if hiring managers don’t act quickly and decisively enough.

The evolving role of the hiring manager was the target of a recent report from Gartner. As the world of work is rapidly redefined, the No. 1 skill for hiring managers needs to be decisiveness, which the organization defines as “focusing on prioritizing future talent needs, broadening the candidate funnel and sharing hiring decisions with experts across the organization.” However, its research found that about three-quarters of hiring managers don’t embody that quality—and it’s hurting their companies’ bottom lines.


Gartner found that, in 2018, the average time between the initial job interview and the hiring manager making an offer was 33 days—an 84% increase since 2010.

“The longer decision-making stage is causing a 16% reduction in candidates accepting offers,” says Lauren Smith, vice president of Gartner’s HR practice. “Ultimately, hiring managers are losing out on prime candidates because of this lag in decision-making.”

Smith says hiring managers traditionally knew their hiring needs and, after recruiting turned over a shortlist, were able to make a more “straightforward final decision.” But, today’s world has “more options and less certainty,” leading to the downward trend in timely, high-quality decisions.