Announcing HR’s Rising Stars: Who are this year’s 5 winners?

In a year marked with layoffs, economic uncertainty and ongoing hiring challenges, the pressures are continuing to mount on the shoulders of HR leaders. Fortunately, many people execs today are surrounded and supported by promising HR talent of tomorrow—five of whom we are now honoring as HR’s Rising Stars.

In its 18th year, HRE’s annual HR’s Rising Stars competition recognizes up-and-coming HR professionals who have a demonstrated record of excellence and exhibit a promising future as HR leaders.

This year’s winners are:

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The five winners represent a range of industries—from tech to insurance to hospitality—and have all tackled unique people challenges in the last few years. Some represent organizations that saw significant staffing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others experienced rapid growth.

However, this year’s HR’s Rising Stars share a passion for people, commitment to innovate and willingness to be agile—which has enabled them to become driving forces of their respective companies’ success. From pioneering new uses of people analytics to making inroads for DEI to creating outside-the-box solutions for post-pandemic workforce challenges, the 2023 class of HR’s Rising Stars exhibits the business acumen and commitment to empathic leadership that are both necessary to become a modern HR executive.

“This year’s strong group of applicants show the incredible development within the field of human resources over just the past few years,” said Rebecca McKenna, senior vice president, HR Portfolio, for ETC, which owns Human Resource Executive. “And these five winners exhibit the passion, innovation and leadership skills that serve their organizations well and will undoubtedly take them far in their careers. We look forward to seeing where this leads them.”

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The winners were selected from a wide pool of rising HR talent and evaluated by a team of judges from across the HR field: Ben Brooks, former Rising Star and founder and CEO of PILOT Inc; Jen Colletta, managing editor of HRE; Greg Hessel, senior client partner and managing director, client development, at Korn Ferry; Judy Huie, former Rising Star and vice president, DEI business officer, at Freddie Mac; and John Klein, former Rising Star and people and operations leader at a stealth start-up.

Nominations for the 2024 HR’s Rising Stars will open next spring.

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Jen Colletta
Jen Colletta is managing editor at HRE. She earned bachelor's and master's degrees in writing from La Salle University in Philadelphia and spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter and editor before joining HRE. She can be reached at [email protected].