3 Ways to Motivate Beyond Money: Boosting Employees’ Emotional Salary

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Date & Time: Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 2:00 pm ET


Caitlin Nobes, Lead Analyst, Achievers Workforce Institute

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With two-thirds of employees planning to job hunt in 2024, HR leaders must find innovative ways to engage and retain. According to the latest research from the Workforce Institute, most employees say they’d rather stick around at a job where they felt valued and supported than one where they were paid 30% more but didn’t feel that way. When inflation is high and budgets are tight, how can organizations leverage non-monetary incentives to keep employees happy, healthy, and committed to their jobs?

Join Achievers Workforce Institute’s Lead Analyst, Caitlin Nobes, for this 2024 workforce trends webinar sharing the latest data on engagement, retention, recognition, and culture. We’ll discuss:

  • Job-seeking trends for 2024
  • Why compensation is the headline but not the whole story for retention
  • 3 tools for ensuring employees feel adequately rewarded (that aren’t base compensation)

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