Why Talent Acquisition Should be One of Your Key Business Initiatives

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Date & Time: Tuesday, May 11, 2023 at 1:00 pm ET


Madeline Laurano, Founder, Aptitude Research

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Talent acquisition is one of the most complex areas of HR technology. Once considered a small part of talent management, it has evolved to a strategic business initiative that operates with its own tech stack. Over the past three years, the pandemic and labor market have accelerated the demand for talent acquisition (TA) technology in driving transformation and improving speed. According to Aptitude Research, 73% of companies have increased their TA tech investments this year.

The talent acquisition technology landscape has shifted significantly with new providers and categories entering the market, but AI is the common denominator. Companies are using, on average, 10 or more providers to support everything from recruitment marketing to onboarding. The interest and investment in AI show no signs of stopping, and today’s companies have more options and opportunities than ever before. But navigating this landscape and truly understanding AI’s impact has become increasingly complex even for the most sophisticated buyers. Companies are not always clear what solutions to consider and what drives results.

This webinar will look at the evolution of TA technology and the impact of AI in the future of talent acquisition. It will help answer the following questions:

  • How has TA technology evolved over the past two decades?
  • What is driving TA tech decisions today?
  • How have priorities shifted?
  • What are companies replacing?
  • What role does AI play in the future of TA?

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