Wellbeing in the Workplace: Cisco Shares How Amplifying and Integrating Wellness Helps Employees Thrive

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Date & Time: Thursday, December 8, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, Senior Director, People Analytics and Research, Workhuman

Sheila Champion-Smeeth, Global Head of Wellbeing, Cisco

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Employee wellbeing is linked to several critical business outcomes, including engagement, intent to stay, brand ambassadorship, and more. But many companies find it challenging to integrate wellness into culture and truly understand how it impacts the employee experience. What role does wellbeing play at your workplace? Are there specific steps you can take to improve employee wellness today and for the future?

Join Sheila Champion-Smeeth, Global Head of Wellbeing at Cisco, and Meisha-ann Martin, Senior Director, People Analytics and Research at Workhuman for this timely and intimate discussion focused on Cisco’s latest efforts to cultivate a culture of wellbeing globally. Cisco, a longtime pioneer of positive workplace culture, conducted comprehensive research to understand and measure wellbeing in the workplace and used this research to reshape its strategies, policies, and benefits with added emphasis on wellbeing and psychological safety—all to help employees thrive.

Attendees will learn:

  • The groundwork needed to create a holistic wellbeing program and where the principles of psychological safety fit in
  • How to champion wellbeing initiatives and advocate for employee wellness services globally
  • New findings from Workhuman and Gallup about why wellness is critical for the future of work
  • The relationship between gratitude, stress, and resilient, high-performing teams

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