Top HR Product: Talroo Insights dashboard

Human Resource Executive®’s Top HR Products contest spotlights 10 of the most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

Here’s one of this year’s winners:

Talroo InsightsTM dashboard


What It Is: This web-based product monitors millions of job searches each day from thousands of job boards and websites in nine vertical markets, which include retail, healthcare, customer service and transportation. Four dashboard reports–account summary, campaign summary, job summary and competitive summary–provide valuable information for recruiters and hiring managers. For example, they show how many candidates have clicked on ads and identify traffic trends, such as the day and time people are interacting with each ad. The dashboard also reveals the geographic location of candidates, the average clicks for desktop or mobile devices, and the lowest- and highest-volume job titles, which could uncover ads that need more exposure.

Why We Like It: Among the dashboard’s best features is its ability to help recruiters compare the success of their job ads to similar ones posted by competitors. Consider several competing hospitals that each post a job ad for a nurse manager. The dashboard identifies which ad is most popular based on the number of clicks, which can give recruiters insight into why their job ad is stronger or weaker than others. For instance, one ad may feature a different title or use specific words or phrases, while another mentions desired benefits like flexible scheduling. This information can help HR create a stronger ad that attracts top talent. The dashboard also provides a list of the top 25 performing companies for specific jobs in local areas.

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