Top HR Product: Next Gen HCM

Human Resource Executive®’s Top HR Products contest spotlights 10 of the most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

Here’s one of this year’s winners:

Next Gen HCM


What It Is: Next Gen HCM is ADP’s new human capital management platform that’s designed to accommodate the team-based structure of many of today’s organizations. Managers can use the system to keep track of people with whom they have a “dotted-line” reporting relationship–for example, they can see who is or isn’t available for a project due to vacations or other commitments. Next Gen is also intended to make it easier for organizations to manage relationships with non-traditional workers, such as independent contractors. Users can pick and choose which functionality to add to the platform from third-party apps, including those available on ADP Marketplace. The product’s “low-code development” is intended to make it easier for users to configure the system to their organizations’ particular needs without enlisting coders.

Why We Like It: ADP has invested some serious time and money in this product, and it appears to have paid off. Built from the ground up to reflect the way today’s modern organizations operate, Next Gen HCM is a cloud-native platform that offers a seamless way for managers to interact with, monitor and motivate the people on whom they depend. The system’s AI and predictive-analytics capabilities can help ensure organizations aren’t caught off guard by events such as spikes in overtime or abnormal turnover. Its conversational mobile interface not only makes it easy for users to stay connected but also enhances the likelihood they’ll use it regularly. We were particularly impressed with the product’s low-code development platform, which enables clients to make changes simply by moving objects on a screen. If anyone has doubts that ADP has moved well beyond just payroll, Next Gen HCM should quickly dispel them.

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