Skills Graph by Cornerstone

Human Resource Executive®’s Top HR Products contest spotlights the most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

This year, Top HR Products joined forces with Awesome New Technologies. The experts chose 16 winners, several of which will be featured Oct. 28 during a keynote at the virtual HR Technology Conference set for Oct. 27-30.

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Here’s a look at one of the Top HR Products of 2020:

Skills Graph


What it is: In times of rapid change, businesses need to understand the fundamental value an employee brings to the table to quickly manage workforce disruptions and optimize results. Cornerstone’s Skills Graph helps business leaders understand, develop and intelligently deploy people with a view of strategic skills needed today and tomorrow. Built on a robust and constantly updated skills taxonomy of over 53,000 skills that cover an array of industries, the tool scans profiles, roles, content performance reviews and more to tag skills and connect development resources to the individual to maximize their development.

Why we like it: Reskilling, or the development of new skills for employees to meet the requirements of the future workplace, has been a priority item for most HR leaders in the last several years. Finding a way to intelligently accomplish workforce reskilling at scale is the challenge that the Cornerstone Skills Graph was built to perform. By leveraging its deep data set and using AI to build out an employee skills profile in an automated manner, it allows the organization to better connect individuals to the learning resources that can help them meet their reskilling objectives. Over time, employees and the organization become better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

As always, we encourage you to perform your own due diligence before making any investments.

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Elizabeth Clarke and Steve Boese
Elizabeth Clarke is executive editor of Human Resource Executive. Steve Boese is HRE's Inside HR Tech columnist and chair of HRE’s HR Technology Conference®.