The Secret to Better Managers? Better Employees!

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Date & Time: Monday, August 30 2021, 2:00 pm ET


Ben Brooks, Founder & CEO, PILOT

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For as long as HR has been a corporate function organizations have struggled to hire and develop strong managers. The vast majority of efforts have focused on top-down, cascading processes, standards, and directives. Recent experience has shown that an alternative, bottom-up approach can be far more effective in bolstering management capabilities. Empowering employees to meet managers halfway by being self-directed, advocating for what they need to succeed, and soliciting feedback is a refreshing way to share the management burden and develop each person to think like a manager.

Come learn the key developmental areas that each employee can focus on, regardless of their role, rank, or experience, to become more self-directed. And how to shift manager’s focus from supervision to development to create a true win-win that leaves employees feeling supported and in control, and managers getting more leverage and greater empathy from their teams. Participants will receive a new helpful ebook to share with their colleagues on how to radically reframe the topic of manager efficacy.

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