Q&A with HR Tech Influencer Lance Haun


Lance Haun
Practice Director
Starr Conspiracy



What area of the HR function will be most impacted by emerging technologies, and why?

HR analytics, or whatever you want to call the data layer on top of workforce information, is going to do incredible things in the next decade. When we think about all the information that is collected about work, and all of the things that are hard to quantify today, advances in AI and scalable cloud computing can actually help us make sense of it all and take action. This is also why it will be important to be thoughtful about how we use data and be intentional about issues like diversity and privacy.

What’s the single most dramatic shift you see happening in the HR tech space today?

The shift isn’t fast, but when we look at the changes happening in talent management–rethinking core pieces like performance, learning, and recruiting that pre-date HR tech solutions–it actually feels like we’re moving mountains. It’s actually really tough to undo so-called best practices like annual performance reviews when other, more effective ways of managing talent emerge and are enabled by technology. I’m impressed by the progress, even if we have a long way to go.

How is HR technology changing the way people work?

Great HR technology puts the actual work people do in focus. It’s either removing obstacles that are unrelated to the work, like enrolling for benefits or getting a payroll question answered or unlocking more potential that’s inside every person in an organization, like putting relevant resources in the flow of work or helping them develop. Ultimately, every HR technology has to account for one–or both–of these issues to be relevant in the future of work.