Josh Bersin Weighs In: Empowering Deskless Workers, No Matter the Industry

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Date & Time: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 11:00 am ET


Matthew Bragstad, VP, Head of Infor People Vision and Strategy, Infor

Josh Bersin: Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy


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According to a recent article in Tech Republic, the digital transformation that has given us software for working remotely and collaborating virtually is actually used by only about 20% of the workforce. The other 80% — often called “deskless workers” — are largely being ignored. These are employees who work in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and countless service segments who don’t work behind a desk and typically rely on mobile devices. For a mobile technician, a healthcare worker doing rounds, or a retail worker on the floor of a store, having to pause to find a computer can be a major interruption to their workflow. Productivity tools commonly used these days aren’t typically well designed for mobile-only devices; and even if they are, juggling multiple apps from a mobile device can be challenging and time consuming.

In this session, you’ll learn how some companies are leveraging technology to improve employee communications and engagement and help deskless workers adjust to new, pandemic-driven guidelines. Josh Bersin, global analyst and thought leader, joins Matt Bragstad, head of Infor’s People Vision & Strategy, for a discussion about how you can empower people to connect and collaborate to work smarter and easier, no matter their physical locations. This webinar will help attendees rethink how to best support deskless workers in this new world of work.

Key takeaways:

  • The industry and social drivers are reshaping traditional work models
  • Insights into the expectations of today’s growing, and typically younger, deskless workforce
  • Technology and tools to empower people to be their best, most productive selves

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