Internal Mobility and the Future of Hiring Skills

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Date & Time: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Madeline Laurano, Founder at Aptitude Research

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Internal Mobility and the Future of Hiring Skills are becoming the new currency for hiring decisions. Companies can provide a fairer hiring process and make smarter hiring decisions to enrich upskilling and internal mobility. Companies can also identify skills gaps across the organization to plan and prepare for the future. As companies look closely at their hiring strategies for 2021 and beyond, skills-based hiring and internal mobility is a priority.

Unfortunately, many providers offer basic capabilities in this area that include dedicated career sites and personalized communication to internal hires. Few providers go deeper with skills frameworks and career development. This webinar will include new research on skills-based hiring and internal mobility. It will address the challenges that companies face, the strategies they should consider, and the technology that enables success.

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