How to Make Mobile Recruiting Work for You

Very little in our digital world has been untouched by tech, including recruiting. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and automation, recruiters now have a greater reach than ever before.

Addressing that point, Patrick Thibodeau, a news writer for TechTarget, reports that recruiters are increasingly utilizing text messages, iPads and QR barcodes to engage with job candidates and encourage them to follow through with an application. Many, he adds, are designing applications that are optimized for today’s mobile world, where many candidates reside.

In his recent article for TechTarget, Thibodeau highlights how two organizations, Arizona Federal Credit Union and Community Health Network, are using mobile recruiting with great results.

As part of its mobile recruiting strategy, CHN, a healthcare organization with nearly 14,000 employees, created an online job application that can be completed in 10 minutes. Once submitted, the application is immediately sent to a recruiter. From there, the recruiter can engage with the candidate via text messaging, which, according to Scott Sendelweck, human resources digital marketing manager at CHN, has dramatically improved the initial response rate from mobile recruiting candidates, from approximately 50 percent to 84 percent.

At Arizona Federal Credit Union, a 125,000-member cooperative with 450-employees, recruiters have taken a different approach to mobile recruiting by bringing iPads to in-person events, thus allowing people to apply online in real time. Thibodeau notes that the credit union uses  Oracle’s Taleo system, which has an integration with QR barcodes. Using this to their advantage, recruiters’ business cards have QR codes that candidates can scan with a mobile device to access the job application system directly. The entire recruiting process is fully automated from application, to initial contact and then interview scheduling.

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