How to Approach Hiring Transformation in the Now of Work

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Date & Time: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Jason Averbook, Co-founder and CEO, Leapgen

Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Leapgen

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It’s been broken for a long time. Candidate experience, that is. Historically, we placed all the power in the hands of the employer, hiring manager, application process, interview team, and selection tools. And we wonder why experience is broken. Experience relies on foundational and supporting elements; the most critical of these is data.

Employee power has shifted, and current or soon-to-be job seekers hold all the cards in the tightest, most volatile talent market we’ve seen in decades. What does that mean for candidate experience?

The democratization of candidate and workforce experience is an approach that centers on data-driven, personalized, intelligent automation of the candidate journey, one that connects seamlessly with the ongoing employee lifecycle. It requires hiring transformation to improve speed to qualified and diverse talent, to empower and assist recruiters and hiring managers with relevant candidate insights, to inform skills and job profile matching, and to improve hiring outcomes and support retention.

Join this Human Resource Executive webinar with Jason Averbook and and Jess Von Bank of Lepagen to understand:

  • Hiring transformation imperatives for the Now of Work
  • The necessary elements of hiring transformation: a vision, a roadmap, and sequencing key changes
  • Key differences between deployment and implementation when it comes to hiring solutions
  • The skills and abilities required on your team to transform hiring

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