Here’s how top companies develop their people using HR tech

Employee development programs are no longer a “perk,” they’re an expectation. According to Deloitte, the No.1 reason people quit their jobs is because of an “inability to learn and grow,” according to its “2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends” report. Employees feel valued and are more productive when they feel their employers invest in their professional development.

At the upcoming HR Tech Conference and Expo, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how some of the world’s top companies are using the latest HR technologies to ensure their are employees engaged and learning at all levels, including sessions like:

Nurturing High Performance: How Technology Enhances the Vulcan Experience

Seattle-based Vulcan Inc. is the umbrella company for a host of signature Paul Allen-owned entities including Vulcan Real Estate, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Seattle Seahawks, the Portland Trailblazers, Vulcan Productions and Stratolaunch, to name a few. With a mission to discover and develop smart, data-driven solutions and create inspiring experiences that help tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges, the company has a saying that describes the one-of-a-kind environment that Vulcan teammates are part of at work every day: #OnlyAtVulcan. Join Tim Mulligan as he outlines how the Vulcan team implements performance management software to bolster the employee experience and drive increased performance. You’ll leave with new ideas, best practices and lessons learned from a CHRO who was an early adopter of TalentSpace and has now implemented it at two very different and unique organizations.

Using Technology to Unlock the Power of Human Connections at Work

HR software has traditionally focused on governance and bureaucratic tasks. And while this is important, most of these tools have done little to foster the sense of authentic connection and belonging that employees crave. Today’s employees are in the driver’s seat. They want to work for organizations where they feel valued and respected, and where they have a voice and a strong sense of purpose, meaning and community. As such, it’s the responsibility of every organization to build a workplace that inspires employees and enables everyone to reach their full potential. See how embracing technology will help your organization create a more human-centric and engaged workplace that builds more trusting relationships among colleagues and allows employees to thrive. You’ll learn how successful organizations are using technology to meaningfully connect employees at work to improve collaboration, innovation and performance.


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Michael J. O’Brien is former web editor with Human Resource Executive®.