Getting proactive with compliance and scheduling for business and people success

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Date & Time: Thursday, May 26, 2022 1:00 pm ET


Michael Grosso, Senior Counsel, Workforce Management, ADP, Inc.,

Dan Hennes, VP Product, Workforce Management, ADP, Inc.,

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Organizations increasingly face complex workforce legislation coupled with labor shortages in an always-changing world. For business and people success, organizations must embrace proactive compliance practices, simplified agile timekeeping, flexible scheduling when managing the organizations’ workforce.

How can your organization be proactive in staying up to date with the latest laws while maintaining efficiency? The answer lies in creating a culture of compliance that benefits your business and your people coupled with partnerships that can help you stay abreast of rapidly changing legislation. In an ever-changing regulatory landscape at the federal, state, and local levels, maintaining a culture of compliance can be very challenging. Business leaders and HR professionals need to respond to these changes quickly.

Additionally, organizations must be limber regarding employee scheduling, including shift changes and overtime. Flexible scheduling can be an employer advantage in attracting and keeping talent while allowing managers to cover shifts and schedule overtime. The key to success is in the latest technology that will simplify a complex scheduling process while ensuring productivity. On May 26th at 1 pm, ET join us for an informative webinar where subject matter experts, Michael Grosso, Senior Counsel, ADP, Inc., and Dan Hennes, VP Product, ADP, Inc., share insights and best practices for addressing these and related challenges that are facing your business today.

In this informative session, you’ll walk away with actionable knowledge on what you can do to stay ahead of compliance legislation, simplify agile timekeeping, provide flexible scheduling while maintaining efficiency, so your organization and your people are set up for success.

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