Do I need an LXP, LMS, or Neither?

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Date & Time: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 1:00 pm ET


Darren Nerland, Learning Strategist, Degreed, Speaker

Suzanne Waller, Learning Associate, Degreed, Speaker

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It feels like every day, new learning and talent acronyms are formed, and their definitions seem to morph depending on who’s defining them.

According to a recent study by RedThread Research, there are over 250 learning technology vendors in the marketplace today. LMS, LXP, HCM, skills strategy, knowledge cloud – but what do these terms really mean? And which one do you need at your org? It’s enough to make even a seasoned Talent, HR or IT professional feel overwhelmed.

Join us for a clarifying session that will explore:

  • The value proposition for each core technology
  • How they can work together to provide a complete learning solution for enterprise companies
  • The old and new functionalities you should target as you build your ecosystem

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