DEPLOYMENT: The Secret to HR Technology that Actually Delivers

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Date & Time: Monday, August 30 2021, 2:00 pm ET


Jason Averbook, Co-founder and CEO, Leapgen

Emily Liddle, Principal Consultant, Leapgen

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HR and business leaders have prioritized workforce experience over anything else in the NOW of Work. Those who empower people to work most effectively, to feel connected and supported, to work with a sense of purpose and fulfillment are in the best position to outmaneuver their competitors. Many are making technology investments to bring these experiences to life, but success is far from guaranteed.

Research reveals 32% of HR tech projects are significantly over budget, 53% of projects miss implementation deadlines, and a whopping 42% of them are deemed a failure (or, ahem, “not fully successful”) after two years. And only 11% (you read that right) have the intended impact on employee experience. Let’s face it. At a time when workforce experience matters most, we’re letting the HR systems that fuel experience fall flat on their faces.

THIS IS A FAILURE TO DEPLOY. Transformation is not just technology. There’s a thread that connects strategy to execution and, ultimately, value. That thread is deployment. Well architected, sustainable digital transformation programs are built and deployed with a growth mindset and investments in people, process and technology.

This is the paradigm shift and greatest opportunity for HR in 2021: to support people and business agility, to elevate experience, and to fuel human capabilities through digital acceleration of workforce experience and technology investments. This can only be achieved when organizations DEPLOY CAPABILITIES, not simply implement technology.

Join this webinar with Human Resource Executive to understand:

  • The difference between technology implementation and deployment
  • How properly deployed solutions can make employee experience less transactional, create a stickier experience, and make people more effective
  • Why a framework for deployment is the secret to Human Capital Management success – not just for go-live, but for continuous release of capabilities and services the business needs and the workforce demands.

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