Coronavirus resource spotlight: Big Health’s mental health tools

Here’s a look at Big Health’s mental health resources–now available free of charge for employers during the pandemic.

What it is: Big Health’s Daylight and Sleepio apps

The digital health app company’s tools include Daylight, its website and app that aims to help users navigate stress and worry; and Sleepio, its app that provides tools to improve sleep. The apps are often used by employers as a benefit offering for their employees. Big Health is currently providing its products at no cost to employers during the coronavirus crisis to “allow them to rapidly offer essential mental health benefits to their teams,” the company says. Employers can email [email protected] for access.

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“With stay-at-home orders and with telehealth providers overwhelmed, right now the gap between the need for and provision of evidence-based mental health support has never been bigger,” he says. “Our digital therapeutics can fill that gap. Since our products are fully digital, they can provide effective, evidence-based mental healthcare at a huge scale very efficiently–without employees needing to leave their homes or engage in human contact.”

Other insights: With employees more stressed than ever, the coronavirus pandemic is putting a spotlight on employees’ mental health. The situation may stand to change how employers deliver mental health resources and benefits in a big way.

“Benefits leaders have historically been in a tough spot when it comes to mental health–it’s a sensitive area to navigate, especially in the workplace, and traditionally, solutions have either been underwhelming or low engagement,” Hames says. “With the next generation of digital therapeutics such as ours, I’m hopeful that benefits leaders now have a valuable tool to bridge that gap in a way that’s effective, efficient and appropriate for the work environment.”

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