COLLECTION: Strategies to manage coronavirus in the workplace

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Dec. 10: How Micron pivoted its tech strategy to achieve global pay equity

A data engineering firm helped the memory and storage giant level the playing field of its base pay, cash bonuses and stock awards.

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Dec. 10: What employers are doing to get creative about rising inflation

As prices rise, HR leaders are being tasked with innovating to reduce the burden on employees.

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Dec. 10: 4 reasons global HR tech investment is surging in 2021

Learning, talent, even payroll getting attention amid what’s shaping up to be a record year for HR tech.

Dec. 9: Employees want more from work in 2022. Here’s how to deliver

HR leaders say employers have to be attuned to new employee expectations.

Dec. 9: 4 strategies to cultivate the next generation of leaders

To recruit, train and retain younger talent, employers must be willing to consider new leadership approaches and corporate policies.

Dec. 6: How purpose drives this HR leader to prioritize inclusion

FOLX Health’s new chief people officer shares her 2022 vision for DEI and technology.

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Dec. 3: With vaccine mandate in flux, communication with employees is vital

Legal experts say employers should talk to workers now about their plans, regardless of whether the rule will be upheld.

Dec. 3: 3 CHROs share their greatest lessons of 2021

As the year winds down, HR leaders reflect on the lasting impact of the past 12 months.

Dec. 3: Here’s how Deloitte thinks EX, retention will change in 2022

Technology is primed to play a big role as HR tackles these challenges in 2022.

Dec. 2: So, you hired a chief diversity officer. Now what?

That’s a first step in retaining diverse talent. Here are 5 more strategies.

Dec. 2: Gifting to employees? Consider offering them your gratitude

Employees are eager for seasonal gifts, but many employers may be missing out on the chance to build engagement and lower turnover.

Dec. 1: Omicron is here. Why ‘watching and learning’ are best right now

As the new variant is detected in the U.S., vaccines, communication and adaptability are key to helping workers through the latest stage of the pandemic, experts say.

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Dec. 1: Chevron CHRO: Worker health and safety ‘front and center’ for 2022

Rhonda Morris, newly installed as a fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources, shares her reflections on the pandemic and insights for next year.

Dec. 1: How Workday is investing in its workers’ skills to boost retention

Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith says the company is putting skills at the heart of its people strategy.

Dec. 1: Boese: 3 ways HR tech can help employees find meaning at work

As employers consider their 2022 HR tech strategy, helping employees develop a connection to organizational purpose should be front and center.

Nov. 30: How employers are reacting to the hold on Biden’s vaccine mandate

A new survey–conducted before the Omicron variant was discovered–finds that more than half will require employee vaccines.

Nov. 29: Can ‘stay interviews’ help HR, managers build better relationships?

These interviews can help companies, especially those losing workers amid the Great Resignation, retain employees, one chief people officer says.

Nov. 29: 2022 development objectives for success in hybrid, remote world

Why every employee, manager and executive needs to ‘rebuild their swing’ in order to succeed in the coming year.

Nov. 29: How Macy’s hopes to drive employee retention with upskilling effort

The retail legend is offering debt-free education programs for high school and college degrees to its U.S. employees.

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Nov. 24: Number of the Day: Vaccine status dishonesty

Will employees lie to you about their vaccine status to keep their job? New research says possibly.

Nov. 24: Endeavor CHRO: Linking purpose and talent is HR’s ‘enormous opportunity’

Kerry Chandler, who was recently installed as a fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources, shares reflections on the pandemic and insights for 2022.

Nov. 23: HR Tech Number of the Week: Ransomware attacks

U.S. businesses are a prime target for ransomware attacks, and HR departments are particularly enticing for cyber thieves.

Nov. 23: Here’s what ADP Research indicates is fueling the Great Resignation

Employees no longer appear content to define themselves by their jobs, business anthropologist Martha Bird says.

Nov. 22: Here’s why healthcare costs will be volatile in 2022 and beyond

Despite stable healthcare costs around the globe, many countries will see double-digit increases, according to a recent report from Willis Towers Watson.

Nov. 19: HR tech Number of the Week: spreadsheet use

HR leaders who still rely on Excel to manage their workforce are leaving the business vulnerable to stagnant data and less diversity.

Nov. 19: OSHA suspends vaccine enforcement; what’s the next move for HR?

The decision leaves organizations in a difficult spot, but walking back plans may prove even more complicated, experts say.

Nov. 19: LaRocque: The need for tech startup evaluation strategies

The next wave of HR technology innovation will emerge in 2022, bringing opportunity and risk for HR leaders.

Nov. 18: Number of the day: non-medical benefits

A new study predicts significant growth for benefits such as paid family medical leave, disability insurance and wellness programs. What that means for HR leaders.

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Nov. 18: The 10 HCM tech tools that deliver immediate business impact

And why this analyst says HR leaders must fine-tune how they think about their human capital management systems for the future.

Nov. 17: Ginger Zee to headline 2022 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

The TV personality, ABC News chief meteorologist and mental health advocate will speak about why employers must step up their mental health efforts.

Nov. 17: Heard of a ‘home-centric’ workforce? Why its working for one company

Mr. Cooper CHRO Angela Greenfeather explains the company’s vision for the future of work.

Nov. 17: 5 things to learn from the World’s Most Admired Companies

From disruption to reinvention, these factors set the world’s most admired companies apart, plus related tips for leaders who want to follow suit.

Nov. 16: Here are the 2021 companies most admired for HR

For their use of innovation, people management and more to drive success amid the pandemic, these companies are being recognized this year.

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Nov. 16: Vaccine requirements to become the norm in job listings

Vaccine requirements in job posts leap an ‘unprecedented’ amount, data finds, and will only grow in the coming months.

Nov. 14: Challenges ahead: 3 HR leaders share insights into the next five years

Workplace and benefits leaders predict obstacles that CHROs might expect in the coming years.

Nov. 15: Bersin: Why org health matters in our ‘partially open’ economy

Strong leadership and smart reliance on tech are key components to building healthy organizations.

Nov. 12: Is an immigration shortfall hurting U.S. talent needs?

Experts say the labor crisis is, in part, due to America’s restrictive immigration policy, especially when it comes to foreign students.

Nov. 12: 6 ways COVID-19 is changing open enrollment this year

Technology, mental health and more dependents are among the new aspects of the process two years into the pandemic.

Nov. 11: 5 steps HR must take to build a digital workplace 

Creating a collaborative environment demands partnership with IT and facilities management and a key role from human resources.

Nov. 11: How collaboration tech is changing for the new hybrid era

The smart use of collaborative tools will be essential to successful hybrid setups.

Nov. 10: ‘We have a crisis’: HR’s mandate on mental health

It’s time HR leaders integrate mental health into core overall benefits packages, one expert says.

Nov. 10: This is the new Pinterest CHRO’s greatest COVID lesson

Former Nordstrom people leader Christine Deputy is bringing more than 30 years of HR leadership experience to her new role.

Nov. 10: HR leaders take aim at hurdles for military veterans

Applicant tracking systems, hidden bias and mental health challenges are hampering veterans as they look to enter the civilian workforce.

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Nov. 9: As vaccine mandate gets tied up in court, what should employers do?

The short answer? Move ahead with compliance, experts say.

Nov. 9: Onsite COVID testing tech has arrived–but there’s a catch

Under the new OSHA rule, employers can use technology to test their employees for the coronavirus within certain limits.

Nov. 9: Healthcare equity: Programs that can improve your benefits plan

Experts discuss how HR leaders can strategize high-value, equitable healthcare plans for their employees.

Nov. 9: Sage-Gavin: 4 ways to build talent for today–and tomorrow

HR has to think differently about how we manage careers, foster collaboration and support talent.

Nov. 8: These CHROs say it’s time to ‘re-recruit’ your employees

At i4cp’s recent virtual conference, three HR leaders agreed that employers need to invest in reskilling and tech to improve employee engagement.

Nov. 8: The employer COVID-19 mandate: 5 things HR leaders should do now

Get ready to make quick decisions about plans for your workforce, experts say.

Nov. 5: How Moderna’s people strategy helped bring the COVID vaccine to market

The CHRO of the vaccine-maker says the company believes ‘anything is possible.’

Nov. 5: How many workers have quit to avoid vaccine mandates?

A new Kaiser Family Foundation survey reveals the number of unvaccinated workers who have left a job because of a vaccine requirement.

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Nov. 4: 5 expert takeaways from the new OSHA vaccine mandate

What HR advisers and analysts are saying about the implications of the rule released this week and what it means for employers.

Nov. 4: COVID vaccines for kids are here. What role do employers play?

Messaging, town halls, flexibility–and even financial incentives–are all ideas to explore, experts say.

Nov. 4: Biden’s vaccine mandate rule is released: What HR needs to know now

With the deadline in early 2022, employers won’t have much time to implement their plans. Here are tips on where to start.

Nov. 4: Hiring more employees of color isn’t your first step to diversity

This expert’s roadmap for diversifying the workforce starts with looking at how current underrepresented employees are treated.

Nov. 4: Why a ‘healthy’ organization delivers a clear competitive edge

Addressing employee health across a range of dimensions will lead to improved bottom line results, according to new research.

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Nov. 3: Number of the day: COVID-19 support and retention

Employees who report receiving strong support from their employers are less likely to leave their jobs. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

Nov. 3: How culture helped this org ‘pull through the storm’ of COVID

PMI Worldwide CHRO Tammy Perkins says the company’s focus on people during the pandemic has helped the workforce come out stronger.

Nov. 3: 10 things Microsoft has learned about successful hybrid work

While the pandemic is still redefining what hybrid looks like, Microsoft’s HR team is already capitalizing on lessons learned.

Nov. 2: How to increase female leadership to help avoid gender blind spots

These four strategies can boost diversity in your organization and in your executive ranks, this Silicon Valley CHRO writes.

Nov. 2: Why ‘culture through Zoom’ wasn’t a barrier for this tech company

Iron Mountain’s head of HR has embraced Zoom town halls and one-on-one meetings to extend the data storage company’s close-knit bond.

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Nov. 2: COVID booster shots are here. What should employers do?

As additional shots enter the vaccination equation, company leaders need to beef up communication–but also focus on the biggest priority.

Nov. 1: Number of the day: work vs. caregiving

Nearly half of working caregivers say they may have to choose between job and caregiving responsibilities in the coming year. Here’s what it means to HR leaders.

Nov. 1: 3 questions to ask before you pivot to virtual hiring events

As employers focus on ‘candidate care,’ more will shift to virtual recruiting events, predicts one TA expert.

Nov. 1: Number of the day: work vs. caregiving

Nearly half of working caregivers say they may have to choose between job and caregiving responsibilities in the coming year. Here’s what it means to HR leaders.

Nov. 1: 3 questions to ask before you pivot to virtual hiring events

As employers focus on ‘candidate care,’ more will shift to virtual recruiting events, predicts one TA expert.

Nov. 1: Medical exemptions to mandates? 5 answers from a legal expert

As vaccine mandates roll out, HR leaders should be prepared for exemption requests to also crop up.

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