COLLECTION: November coronavirus news

Nov. 30: Here’s how TIAA revamped caregiving benefits during COVID-19

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The financial services firm joins a growing number of employers looking to support employees with childcare and eldercare challenges.

Nov. 30: HRE’s Number of the Day: video meeting fatigue

A handful of workers find virtual meetings inefficient and exhausting. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

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Nov. 25: 3 ways this company is showing its employees they’re appreciated

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Gratitude shouldn’t just be reserved for the holiday season, says 15Five Chief Culture Officer Shane Metcalf.

Nov. 25: This CHRO wants to change the face of HR in the tech industry

Lorraine Vargas Townsend is centering diversity in her new role at A Cloud Guru.

Nov. 25: Keeping employee safety top of mind in a return-to-work strategy

From constant, open communication to performance management tools, HR Tech Influencer Katherine Jones shares considerations for employers as they plan a return-to-the-workplace strategy.

Nov. 24: HRE’s Number of the Day: mental health benefits

COVID-19 is prompting more job seekers to inquire about resources to help them manage stress.

Nov. 24: Averbook: Here’s why every HR leader needs a digital mandate for 2021

We’ve only just started scratching the surface of HR transformation.

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Nov. 24: Why employers are focusing on remote work, the election

It’s no surprise that employee wellbeing and the new federal administration are top of mind for employers.

Nov. 23: Cappelli: When HR meets business realities in a pandemic

Cheaper isn’t always better; HR needs real numbers to make that case.

Nov. 23: 4 strategies to support employee caregivers during COVID-19

As home and work life blur during the pandemic, employers must evaluate whether their benefit programs are meeting the needs of caregivers.

Nov. 23: These are HR’s priorities for 2021

A recent Gartner survey found that the pandemic has dramatically impacted what HR leaders will be focused on in the coming months.

Nov. 20: Benefits news you may have missed: Nov. 16-20

From the importance of taking PTO to new data on ICHRAs, here are some of the week’s top stories.

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Nov. 20: It’s time for employers to get more from the health insurance industry

Employers have the data, the technology and the drive to push for better models of health insurance.

Nov. 19: Number of the Day: election employee stress

According to meQuilibrium’s mood-tracking tool, the day after the U.S. presidential election was the most stressful of the year for employees.

Nov. 19: Employers who aren’t prioritizing mental health are ‘missing the boat’

“Organizations are going to be judged on how we treat our people right now,” says meQuilibrium’s Andrew Shatte.

Nov. 18: Sage-Gavin: HR is in the spotlight. Let’s make it count

CHROs are stepping up to the plate to help workers and businesses through troubling times.

Nov. 18: This software company CHRO says ‘data is king’ for HR

Calendly’s Jeff Diana thinks tech companies need a more forward-looking approach to HR given this year’s changes.

Nov. 18: Managing the COVID stress crisis with finesse, compassion

With the pandemic causing new anxieties, employers need to rethink their benefits to provide a better mix of tools for managing stress, burnout and depression.

Nov. 17: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Lexy Martin

Here’s the HR technology that organizations need right now, this expert says.

Nov. 17: Number of the day: ICHRA interest

Some employers are planning to offer individual coverage health reimbursement arrangements, new research finds.

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Nov. 17: Employees are eager to get back to the workplace€”if it’s safe

Despite reports of risks, many employees would prefer in-person or hybrid working to fully remote.

Nov. 17: Mayer: Vacation’s all I ever wanted

Employees are using less and less PTO€”at a time when they should be using it more than ever.

Nov. 16: National Academy of Human Resources names 2020 fellows

Five HR visionaries were recently given the industry’s highest honor.

Nov. 16: Worried employees have had too much change? Think again

Experts say that times of great change should be seen as opportunities to help organizations form new habits.

Nov. 13. Benefits news you may have missed: Nov. 9-13

From helping employees cope with post-election results to what HR needs to know about COVID vaccine policy, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Nov. 13: Number of the Day: Virtual healthcare

Use of telemedicine has soared because of the pandemic, new research finds.

Nov. 13: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Kelly Kauffman

Right now, the best technology for recruiting is a simple, easy-to-use tool, the chief HR officer for the Milwaukee Bucks says.

Nov. 13: How COVID uncertainty has affected retirement contributions

New analysis from Fidelity Investments finds most employees are keeping their savings goals on track, despite withdrawal increase.

Nov. 12: These are 2020’s most admired companies for HR

Here are the companies at the forefront of using innovative efforts to drive business strategy and performance.

Nov. 12: Disney takes top spot as company most admired for HR

The entertainment giant moved past Apple and Netflix, while Best Buy jumped 256 spots to No. 10 on the annual list.

Nov. 12: How HR can get ahead of the president-elect’s agenda

With a new administration, employers will need to redouble their efforts to minimize divisiveness and boost diversity.

Nov. 12: Most Admired for HR: Why some organizations keep getting transformation right

Workforce transformation is a capability, not a process, that the World’s Most Admired Companies share.

Nov 11: Post-election challenge: Helping employees cope with results

Witnessing anxiety and stress, smart leaders are supporting workers and validating their feelings€”without engaging in political debate.

Nov. 11: How agility, culture are propelling this company through COVID

Genpact’s longtime HR leader sounds off on the challenges and opportunities 2020 has brought.

Nov. 11: Brooks: Apology rejected: Why it’s time for HR to stop saying I’m sorry

Human resources professionals need to stop apologizing if we ever want to drive progress.

Nov. 10: Number of the Day: Post-election communication

Few employers have a specific plan to talk with their workforce about the election. But that’s a mistake, experts say.

Nov. 10: Number of the Day: Post-election communication

Few employers have a specific plan to talk with their workforce about the election. But that’s a mistake, experts say.

Nov. 10: Bersin: How to avoid a ‘culture retreat’ after workplace returns

Going back to the workplace can pose some risks to the culture gains many organizations have made over the last few months.

Nov. 9: COVID, healthcare will be top of mind for HR with Biden presidency

In the near-term, the main priorities will revolve around employee wellbeing during the pandemic.

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Nov. 9: What HR needs to know now about COVID-19 vaccine policy

As a COVID-19 vaccine appears closer to reality, this is the time for employers to weigh the options and make decisions about vaccination policies.

Nov. 6: Benefits news you may have missed: Nov. 2-6

From Election Day benefits and easing related anxiety to new 401(k) and FSA contribution limits for 2021, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Nov. 6: Employees looking for help as pandemic increases financial stress

The number of employees reporting high levels of financial stress has doubled since COVID-19 began, new data finds.
Nov. 6: These 5 pandemic-driven trends are reshaping business

Genpact’s Piyush Mehta shares insights from the company’s work with Fortune 500 companies.
Nov. 6: 9 ways HR leaders can tend to their own emotional wellness

“You can’t pour from an empty pot.”

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Nov. 5: During COVID, holiday gift-giving can be HR’s ‘time to shine’

Remote workers could use a reminder of their employers’ appreciation this holiday season.

Nov. 5: Post-election federal stimulus a top priority for small, medium employers

A new survey lays out small and medium employer concerns regarding the need for added post-election stimulus funding

Nov. 4: Paid leave, minimum wage among 2020 election winners

Several ballot measures across the country included initiatives that will affect HR, including how California classifies ride-share drivers.

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Nov. 4: Employees stressed over election uncertainty? Here’s how to help

Communication, empathy and flexibility can help keep employees’ anxieties at bay.

Nov. 4: How to figure out if your performance programs are working for you

Remote work makes performance management more challenging but also even more important.

Nov. 4: How this HR leader is ‘organizing, aligning and inspiring’ people

New Relic’s Kristy Friedrichs puts strategy at the heart of HR.

Nov. 2: Employers step up to offer Election Day benefits

A growing number of companies are providing employees paid time off to vote or serve as poll workers and even giving them free rides to the polls.

Nov. 2: Number of the day: paid time off to vote

A growing number of employers are giving employees time off to head to the polls.

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Nov. 2: 3 ways to manage employee engagement during political uncertainty
With the election this week, distractions are inevitable.