COLLECTION: May coronavirus news

May 29: Why empathy is key as employees return to workplaces

HR needs to be ready to deal with fear, depression and other challenges.

May 29: Averbook: It’s time for HR to create a new workforce experience

That’s based on a survey taken this week that shows 80% of respondents feel more productive at home and just 3% want to return to an office full-time.

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May 29: Does Facebook ‘like’ the remote work model?

The social media giant weighs in on the future of teleworking in a COVID-19 world.

May 29: HRE’s number of the day: Getting back to the workplace

Here’s how many employees say they’re eager to get back to an office setting after months away due to coronavirus social distancing guidelines.

May 29:Benefits news you may have missed: May 25-29

From 2021’s new HSA limits to Edward Jones’ coronavirus strategy, here are some of this week’s top stories.

May 28: Cappelli: Why we won’t keeping working from home

Remote work may not be as permanent as some are forecasting.

May 28:How employers can drive success in a post-COVID-19 world

The pandemic will forever change our personal relationship to work.

May 28: Edward Jones’ coronavirus strategy: Keeping employees (virtually) connected

Constant communication, virtual meetings and coffee chats are among the financial services firm’s strategy for keeping workers engaged, CHRO says.

May 28: Why HR leaders need skills-based hiring now

Employers need to adapt quickly and view non-degree skills-based hiring as a new approach to sourcing and acquiring talent.

May 28: HRE’s number of the day: employee morale

Here’s how many small and medium-sized businesses say maintaining morale is their biggest challenge during the pandemic.

May 27: Innovative approaches to talent management

Employee sharing strategies have moved to new levels during the coronavirus pandemic.

May 27: How communication can make a difference during workforce reductions

Effective messaging can help an employer rebound and optimize performance.

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May 27: 27 million have lost employer-sponsored health coverage

Kaiser Family Foundation analysis reveals staggering statistic from the pandemic–one that some employers and industry insiders hope to change.

May 27: Insights from a CHRO: Sheri Bronstein

Bank of America’s CHRO addresses how COVID-19 is changing HR.

May 27: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Employer mental health guide

The Business Group on Health’s new tool aims to help HR and benefit leaders at global organizations develop and implement mental health programs.

May 26: How behavioral economics can help employers respond to COVID-19

These seven precepts can enhance programs, communication and even safety.

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May 26: Retailers turn to bonuses, benefits to aid workers during pandemic

Many of the rewards are a way to thank employees–and keep them working–during the COVID-19 outbreak.

May 26: HRE’s Number of the Day: Employee experience

As employees return to workplaces, EX is a “potential landmine” for employers.

May 25: Short survey: Making the move to remote-first after COVID-19

Answer a few questions about your organization’s migration–or not–to remote-first in the wake of the pandemic.

May 22: The 3 C’s for successful return-to-work communication

This is a time for true HR leadership.

May 22: Why employees shouldn’t expect ‘normal’ for a while

A recent survey found 60% of employers aren’t planning to fully reopen their workplaces for at least two months.

May 22: HRE’s Number of the Day: Contact-tracing tools

Some employees are concerned about new workplace safety measures.

May 22: HRE soundbite: ‘Touch benefits as a last resort’

HSA Bank’s Kevin Robertson suggests that employers should avoid making any big coronavirus-related benefits changes for as long as possible.

May 22: Benefits news you may have missed: May 18-22

From Cisco’s new mental health offering to Levi’s enhanced paid sick leave policy, here are some of this week’s top stories.

May 21: How to connect remote employees–and have fun

This Dallas law firm started a task force to boost morale and engagement among virtual workers.

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May 21: Cisco is giving employees a mental health day

The tech company is encouraging all of its workers to take a collective day off to rest on May 22 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

May 21: Looking to manufacturers for a back-to-work playbook

This is an opportunity to redesign work.

May 21: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Headspace’s mental health tools

The company is giving employers free access to some of its tools–focused on mindfulness–during the pandemic.

May 20: How COVID-19 taught HR ‘a valuable lesson’ on mental health

Limeade’s Reetu Sandhu sounds off on how coronavirus is changing employers’ approach to emotional wellbeing.

May 20: Abbie Buck on why learning is ‘part of the fun’

The new Collective Health CPO is diving right into talent strategizing.

May 20: HRE’s number of the day: mental health insecurity

Here’s how many employees say coming forward about a mental health issue could impact job security–and what it means to HR leaders.

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May 19: Levi’s to offer paid sick leave to part-time workers

The apparel company joins a growing number of employers that have enhanced leave benefits as a result of COVID-19.

May 19HRE’s number of the day: remote work optimism

Here’s how many workers say their industry can succeed with work-from-home arrangements–and what it means for HR leaders.

May 19: Coronavirus resource spotlight: screening assessment

Among Jvion’s suite of COVID-19 resources is a tool that leverages AI to help employers determine whether workers are ready to return.

May 18: HR’s next generation of leaders is rising to the challenge

The 2020 HR’s Rising Stars are tapping into their experiences of creating innovative HR strategies to help their organizations meet the unprecedented disruption of a global pandemic.

May 15: Walmart hands out another round of employee bonuses

The retailer is giving workers a second cash reward to thank them for working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 15: What essential businesses can teach us

To best prepare for a workplace return, learn from employers in the know.

May 15: Coronavirus resource spotlight: guide to digital mental health solutions

The new tool from NEBGH and One Mind PsyberGuide helps employers sort through dozens of digital mental health solutions to choose which works best for them.

May 15: Benefits news you may have missed: May 11-15

From the IRS opening healthcare benefit changes to Twitter announcing permanent remote work options, here are the employee benefits stories you may have missed.

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May 14: Mid-year healthcare changes allowed due to coronavirus

The IRS is giving employers permission to let workers make changes to their health plans and flex accounts.

May 14: HRE’s number of the day: employee giving

This is the amount Ultimate Software customers raised through its new employee-giving tool.

May 13: Recruiting: Making moments that matter

Hiring (and keeping) the best candidates often comes down to building strong connections during the recruiting process.

May 13: How is the pandemic changing investments in HR tech?

It’s clear that remote work will be center stage, according to a new survey.

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May 12: McDonald’s handing out coronavirus-related bonuses

The fast food giant is the latest employer to turn to one-time payments to help employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 12: HRE’s number of the day: leave program changes

Here’s how many employers are making changes to PTO, vacation and sick-day programs in response to the pandemic.

May 12: Twitter tells employees they can work from home ‘forever’

‘The past few months have proven we can make that work,’ VP of people writes.

May 12: Here’s how employers are changing benefits due to COVID-19

Nearly half of companies are enhancing healthcare and wellness benefits for employees, Willis Towers Watson finds.

May 12: How to survive and thrive despite disruption

Adaptability, including resilience and flexibility, is key.

May 12: The greatest decentralization of culture ever is now upon us  

There is no €œbest€ practice and there is no €œnormal.€

May 12: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Scripta’s drug substitution search tool

The company is giving employers free access to a tool that helps employees find prescription drug alternatives–and can help lower employers’ healthcare costs.

May 11: Thoughts from an HR leader on the ‘new normal’ workday

While reentry to the workplace can be a difficult process, it doesn’t have to be an impossible one.

May 11: Will COVID finally make employers fix their mental health problem?

The coronavirus pandemic finds more employees struggling–and employers playing catch-up in the rush to help.

May 11: HRE’s number of the day: EAP awareness

Although the vast majority of HR pros say they offer employee assistance programs, nearly half of workers say their employer doesn’t offer one.

May 11: 5 tips to help recruiters survive the coronavirus crisis

You can’t develop a perfect plan, but you can take many steps that will help your organization emerge from the pandemic with fewer battle wounds.

May 8: Benefits news you may have missed: May 4-8

From the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare costs to commentary on how HR leaders need to step up with benefits during the pandemic, here are some of this week’s top stories.

May 8: HRE soundbite: COVID to ‘affect mental health more than anything that’s ever happened’

Morgan Stanley CHRO Jeff Brodsky sounds off on the pandemic’s impact on the workplace.

May 8: Averbook: How HR is writing the book on coronavirus

We need to unlearn traditional onboarding, performance management and governance.

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May 8: Why ‘moving slowly’ should be at the core of returning to work

One company cautions there won’t be a €œbig bang Monday,€ where all employees head back at once.

May 8: HRE’s number of the day: workplace safety

OSHA-related complaints are on the rise, yet employers are planning to take safety seriously as people get back to work.

May 8: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Kronos automated reporting

To help in the fight against COVID-19, the firm is offering customers a contact-tracing tool at no charge.

May 7: Big employers turn to telehealth options during COVID-19

Boeing, Chipotle, Circle K and KinderCare partner with virtual care provider 98point6 to help employees.

(Photo credit: Jeff Leimbach/Nemours Children’s Hospital)

May 7: How Nemours Children’s Hospital takes engagement ‘deeper’

CHRO Peter Adebi shares a few of the healthcare system’s award-winning programs.

May 7: HRE’s number of the day: mental health shortcomings

Here’s how many employees say they aren’t getting enough support from their employer during the pandemic–and what it means for HR leaders.

May 7: The legal do’s and don’ts of returning to work

Experts sound off on issues like temperature checks and new communication strategies.

May 6: HRE soundbite: Mental health barriers ‘won’t go away’ after pandemic

Big Health CEO sounds off on why he hopes the pandemic will inspire a change in mental health support.

May 6: Coronavirus could lower healthcare costs for employers

Companies’ costs may fall by as much as 4% due to employees forgoing non-essential medical care during the pandemic.

May 6: Sumser: It’s time for new approaches to engagement

€œTaking a pulse can no longer mean just finding out if people have one.€

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May 6: HRE‘s number of the day: remote work after COVID-19

Where do employees want to work after the pandemic and what does that mean for HR leaders?

May 5: Return to work starts with thinking outside the digital box

‘Choose trust over control’ in navigating the new normal of work, advises WorldatWork CEO Scott Cawood.

May 5: Consistency will ease return-to-workplace decisions

Standards for social distancing and for testing will help decision-makers planning how the workforce heads back to schools and offices after the coronavirus quarantines.

May 5: Sage-Gavin: HR innovation, from 7 women in 14 days

People + Work Connect will have a transformative impact on HR.

May 5: 4 ways to foster inclusion in a remote work environment

Lauren Romansky is managing vice president in the Gartner HR practice.

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May 5: What to consider as you write your return-to-work strategy

Staffing and recruitment firm Yoh is exploring a wide range of workplace changes.

May 5: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Big Health’s mental health tools

The company is giving employers free access to its Daylight and Sleepio tools during the crisis.

May 4: Pushing the reset button on engagement

Psychological safety will be more important than ever as employees get back to work.

May 4: How micro-moments can support belonging

Storytelling, even virtually, fosters healthier employees and teams, experts say.

May 4: Benefits and the pandemic: Are you stepping up?

It’s easy to make a business case for robust rewards in a hot job market. It’s much harder to do so during an economic and health crisis.

May 4: HRE’s number of the day: average 401(k) balance drop

Employees’ accounts have fallen due to the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how much–and what the number means for HR leaders.

May 1: Starbucks employees turn to Headspace app to ease COVID stress

More than 68,000 employees are now using the app, the companies said during an Instagram Live video.

May 1: How P&G transformed candidate experience

Using tools from Modern Hire, the consumer-goods giant upended its longtime approach to hiring assessments.

May 1: Benefits news you may have missed: April 27-May 1

From the financial health stress to increase flexible work schedules, here are some of the top stories for HR and benefits leaders.

May 1: 7 best practices for supporting employees during Covid-19

Getting culture right is crucial at any time–but it’s particularly important in times of crisis.

May 1: How peer coaching helps your employees find purpose

The benefits of a purpose-driven workforce are even stronger in a time of crisis.

May 1: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Virgin Pulse’s wellbeing hub

The site offers employees tips and tools to stay active, manage stress and get better sleep during the pandemic.

May 1: Boese: The biggest post-pandemic HR challenges

The “new normal” will look nothing like the “old normal.”