Building bridges during M&A

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Date & Time: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Andrew Martin, Workforce Transformation Portfolio Product Lead, PwC

Ashley Bixler, Activation Manager, Workforce Experience Portfolio, PwC

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How proactive communication and sentiment gathering can help improve retention in times of disruption

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and workforce reorganization can create a wealth of opportunities for companies seeking rapid growth, transformation, and market expansion. In fact, 47% of executives say pursuing corporate M&As, joint ventures and alliances is their top growth driver in 2022. But only 10% of executives report significant success in employee retention during deals.

How do you avoid turnover pitfalls during disruption? Strong tech-enabled communication strategies can go a long way to help boost inclusivity and engagement.

Join PwC’s Andrew Martin and Ashley Bixler as they discuss ways you can enjoy the benefits of organizational changes while focusing on the most important asset of any organization –– your people. Tune in to explore how to:

  • Increase workforce engagement through curated, personalized experiences for your employees
  • Support a culture of continuous feedback with technology that can enable real-time sentiment gathering
  • Measure adoption and track sentiment throughout the change journey, incorporating on-the-ground feedback to track progress and adapt your change plan to be more effective
  • Implement technology that integrates with your existing services and systems to mitigate disruption

Engaging in proactive, continuous communication can help people feel invested in and like they’re part of the journey. And this buy in can foster stickiness as well as retain talent –– and the value of the deal.

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