Are You Ready To Radically Reimagine HR and Finance?

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Date & Time: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Scott Engler, Founder, StrategyFX

Brian Sommer, Industry Analyst/President, TechVentive

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If HR was drowning in data and struggling with strategy, and Finance was stuck in spreadsheet co-dependency before the pandemic, it’s doubtful either group is skating through these pandemic times well. New competitive pressures, an emboldened work force, new business models, rapidly changing regulations, etc. are making leaders of HR and Finance crazy.

Join industry analysts/consultants Scott Engler of Strategy FX and Brian Sommer of TechVentive as they wade through some of the biggest challenges facing these groups and the strategies each must pursue in short order.

Join us to hear a spirited discussion re:

  • A review of where your Finance and HR groups are now and where each must go, soon!
  • Where HR and Finance team members must shift their energies/time to make their functions more relevant to a growing number of constituents
  • The role of advanced technologies (e.g., AI, bots, RPA) in key processes
  • The Finance/HR-as-a-Service phenomena and what that implies with processes, metrics, service levels, etc.
  • Potential 90-day planning action items & the business case for change

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