8 benefits employers should zero in on during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic changes workplaces all over the country, employees find themselves stressed out about their new reality, questioning their health coverage, financial security, job security and much more.

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As a result, smart employers are reevaluating policies and offerings, putting a spotlight on employee benefits in a way that is more needed than ever, experts say.

“What we are finding is that employers are looking at their benefits packages to ensure they know everything offered to employees in detail, so that they are ready to answer the influx of questions employees are having,” says Bill Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Benefits, a national insurance and employee benefits brokerage firm.

“Employers need to be assessing their short-term disability, paid-time off policies, layoff provisions and medical coverage,” he says. “More than anything, right now employers are making sure that their employees are safe and healthy.”

Perks that are already part of an employers’ benefits package should be actively communicated to employees now to address their concerns. Others can be expanded or added in the wake of the country’s crisis.

Here are 8 benefits employers should zero in on in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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