Why The Largest American Companies Are Using Early Access to Pay as a Retention Tool

How to evaluate the ROI and implications of offering a daily pay benefit.
By: | November 14, 2018
Topics: Webinars

Date and time: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 1:00 pm ET

Panelist Info: Jason Lee, CEO, DailyPay

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Payroll hasn’t changed in the last 90 years; but since the emergence of daily pay benefits, the largest employers in America like McDonalds and Walmart are now using more frequent access to pay as a perk to retain and recruit their staff.

Approximately 25% of the US workforce have access to earned but unpaid wages and employees are starting to demand it as a necessity when selecting and staying at a job. If you’re a strategic player at your company, you’ll want to understand how to evaluate the ROI and implications of offering a daily pay benefit for investing in the future of your workplace.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Market forces changing the payroll industry forever
  • What daily pay benefits are
  • How to evaluate the ROI of a daily pay benefit – looking at company cost savings, operational efficiencies and your employee’s savings gains
  • Different program structuring decisions and compliance considerations

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