Why a “Back to Basics” Employee Experience Is the Smartest Way for HR to Win in 2022

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Date & Time: Thursday, May 12, 2022 1:00 pm ET


Ben Brooks, Founder & CEO, PILOT

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HR has been sold a world full of gimmicks, glitz and fluff, as a way to “over perk” employees, hoping it all adds up to a compelling employee experience. After following this expensive approach, many people leaders are frustrated after seeing minimal improvements in engagement and seemingly no impact on turnover.

HR departments that are making real changes are going back to basics and making strategic shifts in their approach to employee experience in our new hybrid work context. In many ways it is about less, not more, so that what’s remaining is core to what actually impacts how an employee answers “how was work today?” at their dinner table.

In this energizing webinar we’ll provide a framework around the 80/20 of a compelling employee experience that HR can actually implement and measure. Plus, attendees will share with one another their best practices and tips for how they’re simplifying and enriching their employee value propositions in their organizations.

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