Unleash the data in your HCM with a next generation talent marketplace

September 21 2021, 1:00 p.m. EST

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Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

Kamal Ahluwalia, President, Eightfold.ai

In this fast-changing economy, organizations are transforming the way they think about talent mobility. Internal talent marketplaces are evolving quickly and more powerful solutions have emerged that leverage sophisticated matching algorithms. These more advanced marketplaces are layered on top of legacy HCM systems to unlock greater workforce potential and break down silos, ultimately improving retention and growth.

Tune in to hear Josh Bersin and Kamal Ahluwalia of Eightfold.ai discuss how forward-leaning organizations are evaluating talent marketplaces with a discerning eye, looking for one that’s powered by massive volumes of global skills and jobs data – not just their own employee career histories – that can predict what’s next for employees at scale.