In launching the first edition of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers, the HRE and HR Technology Conference team felt it was important to consider the many ways in which people and organizations can be, and are, influenced. For sure, there are plenty of ways to define “influence” in a market as large, dynamic and full of innovation as HR technology.

Executives and product leaders at the largest HR-technology providers exert tremendous influence on the market: Their strategic decisions in how they direct their research and development efforts, along with the new products and capabilities they create, can impact thousands of employers and, potentially, millions of employees.

Chief HR officers and other HR leaders, especially those at larger organizations, can also impact the market. These HR leaders can drive the product direction of providers, as well as set an example for the broader HR and business communities by virtue of the decisions they make around the use and deployment of HR technology.  Read the Full Article.