The U.S. Caregiving Crisis: Protecting your workforce in the wake of COVID-19

Today, millions of employees charged with caregiving for aging loved ones on top of their full- or parttime job(s) are suffering emotional, mental, and financial turmoil that often can carry over into the workplace. The result? A potential for negative impact on both their own work performance as well as their company’s bottom line.

This was a problem before COVID-19. And unsurprisingly, the pandemic has only exacerbated the nation’s already-mounting “caregiving crisis”.

To better navigate these complex issues, you need to start with the facts… and this piece is a solid first step. This informative compilation of statistics will help illustrate the many struggles that both employers and employees face when it comes to the ever-evolving caregiving crisis. It sheds some much-needed light on the burden faced by employees, both before and after the onset of COVID-19, and provides practical steps that can be taken by employers to help their employees cope, and their companies succeed.

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