The Retention Pivot: 3 Ways To Stop Turnover Before It Happens

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Date & Time: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Chris Wollerman, Inspire Software CEO/Co-founder

Paul Niven, Management Consultan

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You need practical tools to help you improve retention. Stopping turnover starts with understanding your data so you can see trends in who is leaving your organization, and why. We call it the Retention Pivot: Identify behaviors and practices that lead to turnover, and move away from them. In this webinar, OKRs expert and management consultant, Paul Niven, will join Inspire Software CEO, Chris Wollerman to give you three practical strategies to help you catch personnel challenges before employees consider leaving your organization.

Key Takeaways and Discussion Items:

  • Reshaping your performance management process for digital and hybrid work
  • Leveraging OKRs to achieve business goals
  • Developing and retaining talent within your organization
  • Using digital tools to maximize performance

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