The New Strategic HR: Building a Talent-Focused Strategy for the Future

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Date & Time: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 2:00 pm CT


Tiffany Gamblin, Director of HR Business Services

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Business leaders realize skill shortages and workforce disruptions can change everything. As a result, the C-suite looks to HR to attract, engage, develop and retain the talent their business needs to compete.

If you and your team haven’t adopted a talent-focused strategy, present conditions are perfect for making this leap.

The Great Resignation may have subsided, but it carries a long-term impact. As businesses continue to evaluate what their workforce needs in an employee-centric environment, the demand for strategic HR management grows.

Attend this webinar on revamping your HR strategy to better tackle your workforce’s evolving needs. Discussion topics include:

  • how to foster an organization where employees are as excited by ⁠— and committed to ⁠— its success as you
  • six tips for tackling employee retention
  • five steps to ensure success with performance reviews
  • four HR trends to support employees in 2023 and beyond

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