The future of digital care: tackling the costs of physical and emotional pain in the workplace

New Harvard Business Review report on the future of digital care and tackling the costs of physical and emotional pain

The most common reason employees call in sick is the flu. But the second most common reason is chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain.

Chronic back, neck, and joint pain afflicts millions of Americans and accounts for the largest share of U.S. health care expenditures.

The Harvard Business Review found 93% of workers agree that it’s difficult to be highly productive and engaged at work while suffering from chronic physical pain. Unfortunately, there is a widening gap in the health care benefits and wellness resources that are available to help employees treat their pain.

Download this new Harvard Business Review report to learn:

  • Gaps in mental health and physical pain benefits
  • The connection between mental health and chronic pain
  • How a large employers successfully reduce chronic pain and employee absences

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