The Business Impact of Employee Financial Wellness

According to recent IDC research, employers who invest in robust employee experience programs have employees who are 35 times more likely to feel part of one team driving business results, and will stay with a company for an average of 6-10 years.

A new IDC Market Spotlight, sponsored by BrightPlan, “The Business Impact of Employee Financial Wellness” highlights how financial well-being is a critical component of the employee experience. Financial stress is a big concern for employees and by providing a comprehensive financial wellness program, employers have the opportunity to improve the overall employee experience, and gain a competitive advantage as it relates to attracting and retaining top talent. Read the full IDC Market Spotlight to learn:

  • Why financial wellness is a strategic imperative and a key comp
  • What the market landscape for financial wellness looks like
  • Best practices for creating an overall financial wellness strategy


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