Taking telehealth to the next level.

Taking telehealth to the next level



Today’s health care benefits are increasingly inclusive of solutions that allow employees to talk a doctor from their mobile device or laptop. The recent COVID-19 pandemic only amplified the need for virtual health care services that meet patients where they are, especially in rural areas where care can be difficult to reach.

Today, there are more efficient and effective ways to deliver care, and outcomes can be improved with these new digital tools. Even without Covid it would have happened, but it undoubtedly would have taken much more time to get true traction.

A new white paper from Amazon Care and Human Resource Executive outlines in detail why it’s time to rethink how workplace healthcare benefits can be managed and delivered.

Bottom line, current access to the healthcare landscape remains fundamentally complex, making it difficult and often confusing for consumers–whether they receive care through employer-provided benefits or not. But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to experts in the white paper.

As the paper explains in detail, the pandemic has made it even more obvious that employers and their advisors must continue to build and deliver improved healthcare strategies and tools to better support workers and their families.

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