These employers are requiring COVID-19 vaccines

Mandates are quickly gaining traction as McDonald's, Uber and others tell workers to roll up their sleeves.

Why Fauci predicts a boost in employer vaccine mandates

Momentum is building as Google, Microsoft and others require workers to get inoculated.

Walmart’s solution to teaching workers kindness: virtual reality

The retail giant is using technology to help employees practice empathy, have difficult conversations during COVID-19.

HR tech news this week: June 28-July 2

From Walmart's VR training to Zoom's remote work strategy, here's what you might have missed in HR tech news this week.

HR tech news this week: June 14-18

From who's using work communication tools the most to how the pandemic is reshaping HR technology, here's what you might have missed this week.

Walmart’s new workforce app provides a look into the future

This kind of employee experience app is 'where work software is headed,' says one analyst.

Number of the day: paid time off to vote

A growing number of employers are giving employees time off to head to the polls.

Benefits news you may have missed: July 20-24

From Amazon opening health clinics for employees to Walmart giving workers a third COVID-related bonus, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Walmart giving employees third COVID-related bonus

The retailer is handing out bonuses amounting to $428 million to thank employees for working during the pandemic.

Walmart hands out another round of employee bonuses

The retailer is giving workers a second cash reward to thank them for working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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